16.05.2004: Updated About page
  • Slowly giving a little touch on the pages. After remaking the Technical page I now remade the About page.
  • Version 0.1.3 is already running and most bugs are fixed. The main problem now is with the Image primitive. When fixed I'll start writing the documentation for the release.
25.04.2004: Updated Technical page
  • I made a small remake of the technical page. Check it out :)
  • Also, about the site, I fixed a small bug on the news page (this page).
  • Version 0.1.3 is already compiling, but it crashes on execution. As soon as I fix the bugs, I'll release the new version.
  • For version 0.1.4 my programming scheme will change to become (hopefully) more efficient. I'll be concentrating on features one at a time, making a "private" release for every new feature implemented and functional.
21.04.2004: Tutorial up for "beta-testing"
  • I posted the first of some tutorials I'm making. It's there for "beta-testing", read and see if you like it :) But beware: I may change some things until the release (although it's not likely since the release of 0.1.3 is just around the corner :)
19.04.2004: Development Information
  • I'm sorry for the lack of news but there's nothing really important going on. The results of everything that happened can be seen at the Status page, which is updated as new feature plans come in, I finish implementing some feature, delete a feature, etc.
  • The next version is getting warm and soon (I hope) it will be posted.
16.03.2004: Huge accident!
  • I just realised today that I made a huge mistake that affected all visitors since 22.02.2004 . I must say I fell heavily embarrassed. I'm terribly sorry to all visitors. When I said I'd convert my todo file into html and post it, I did convert it to html but I forgot to post it and update the navigation bar. I already fixed this by adding an updated version of the todo for version 0.1.3. Thank you and again, I'm sorry.
  • Development continues and I'm half-way there with lighting :)
13.03.2004: Texture mapping
  • After some difficulties I finally (and hopefully) got Plane and Sphere texture mapping working. I updated and posted it as version 0.1.2
  • I also fixed a bug on the navigation frame (at the left) to display SourceForge's download page on the main frame and not the whole window.
03.03.2004: Updated the site
  • Due to some problems at SourceForge, my shell service wasn't working so the site update came a bit late.
  • I removed the Portuguese version of the site as it didn't have any use. I also updated the api page with documentation generated by Doxygen.
29.02.2004: First release
  • A few modifications on the site: removed the Portuguese version of site (useless and hard to maintain) and added the download section on the navigation bar.
  • After struggling through some bugs, I finally get the core finished. Version 0.1.1 only supports Planes with no lighting and no textures. Included is an example of AllegRT's usage.
  • Although it's not a major release, you can already download it to see, how AllegRT's programming scheme is, how it's growing up, etc.
  • One last note. This version branch (0.1) is unstable, meaning that not always it will be backwards compatible. When stable version (0.2) comes out, it will be compatible through all releases of (0.2)
22.02.2004: Development Status
  • It's been a while without updates to the site, but don't worry, development is going (almost) smoothly, the code is very clean now and a realease is comming up very slowly :)
  • To keep everybody informed of my progress I decided to convert my TODO file into html and post it at the site. You may take a look at it to see how progress is coming. Just click on the Status link at the left :)
29.01.2004: Late news
  • Unfortunatly I lost all my files of the project. Luckily I had a "backup" at Allegro.cc Forum that is very old but at least it has some classes functional.
  • It's been a while since I posted news because I had to pause project development because of the lost data, vacation trips and computer upgrades. But now project development has restarted and I have a very better hardware to test it on =)
  • I'll be trying some new stuff on voxels, putting them on uniform grids to see if I can get better speed. All triangle code was lost and I think I will only rewrite it as for the next versions :(
  • Any way, Happy New Year to everyone :)
05.12.2003: First working triangle
  • I have finally made the triangle code work. Although not fully optimized, I get a 23FPS on 320x240. The only problem is when it's too close it slows down to 1FPS :(. I must think of a way to overcome this. Now I'll optimize the triangle code and implement lighting! :)
02.12.2003: Primitives
  • I have made a sad discovery. Voxels aren't fast enough :( For that, I must add support for other primitives.
  • On the list are triangles, spheres and NURBS. I have updated the Technical page to meet the new update
29.11.2003: About the API
  • I have finished the structure of the API documentation. You can now have a quick glance. I'll be updating it at a medium pace, but I will not inform this thorugh the news page (here). To know if it's been updated, I put a "Last updated dd/mm/yyyy" at the top of the api page.
  • In other news, the statistics page is showing lots of visitors lately. Thank you very much for visiting :)
27.11.2003: Logo!
  • If you look above, you'll see the new AllegRT logo :) It was kindly contributed by Victor "VSBr" Soares Bursztyn (thanks!). I also added an acknowledgments page to thank contributers like Victor :)
23.11.2003: Welcome to the AllegRT site!
  • As you can see, the site has been uploaded. I spent some time learning HTML and CSS. Now this is the result. But I still need a logo for AllegRT. Anyone care for logo donations? As you can see the main color scheme is something like light, dark and silver. Although the site is not complete, I intend to improove the site step-by-step. Please note that the date format used here is DD.MM.YYYY :)