Base Features
  • Designed for 3D Rendering
  • Designed to be optimized for speed so it can run at real time
  • Supports paramteric primitives
  • Extensible lighting models
  • Shadows
  • Easly extendable
  • Object oriented
  • Multiplatfrom support:
    • *NIX
    • Windows 9x, ME, XP
Current Extensions
  • Primitives
    • Sphere
    • Infinite Plane
    • Planar Image in 3D space
  • Lighting models
    • Phong

System requirements
In it's current state, the library doesn't have minimum requirements. They will be defined when the engine is fully optimized and through extensive benchmarking. The current target is clustered PCs (ie. sharing the processing power). How many PCs is still undefined but our target will probably change to future CPUs. How future is still a question to be answered by benchmarking. Once we have the target specified, it will be informed immediatly.